CORPCare Medical

On-demand, direct mental health support at your fingertips

Offering your teams access to rapid support and the ability to meet with expert coaches or medical clinicians via chat, phone, or video. No more waiting. No more frustration.
Effective, comfortable, and easy to use.

Collaborating with great partners

SolUtions That Matter

Meaningful mental health solutions at a fraction of the cost

Modern innovative interface

Our modern and engaging technology platform is custom designed to be easy, intuitive, and engaging for users.

Clinical collaborative teams

We have assembled a team of all-star clinicians who work together to support your team. From coaches to clinicians, including child psychiatrists, we care about your employees and their families.

Practical prevention

Our integrated and preventive care model is based on direct clinician protocols and evidence-based research proven to help.

Save on disability costs

Early intervention and access to support will decrease the escalation of mental health issues which are huge contributors to expensive disability claims.

Increase baseline health

Our engaging health hubs and easy to use platform encourages members to use the technology and stay more in tune with their health and wellness needs.

“This offering and platform allows me to provide the best patient care online. We support employees on their journey towards better mental health with employee engagement and preventative health features that are clinically effective. Phenomenal experience!

Dr. Voytek C
Employee Experience

Evidence-based approach to care

Programs designed by medical providers to ensure the best evidence-based delivery of care.  Experience the difference.

Satisfaction rating from patients
Feel more mentally resilient
Would refer this service to a friend
Experience a productivity boost

One mental health app to support employees on their mental health journey


Access mental health support within seconds

Chat with one of our qualified mental health providers quickly and conveniently from any smart device.


A team of licensed therapists & medical clinicians

No matter how big or small a chief concern is, our mental health providers are available to help support employees on their journey towards improved mental health.


Personalized evidence-based care plan

No two people are the same. Our clinicians will create a personalized care plan that fits each individual’s needs.

Mental health care powered by smart innovative technology

Our technology is thoughtfully and purposefully built with direct feedback from mental health clinicians and patients

Mental health care is a necessity

it’s time to provide your employees with effective modernized mental health care
Alberta Innovates Employee

"This program is a game-changer. I can even access support easily in between meetings"

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