Make mental health a priority in 2022

The new year may be a fresh start, but many of us are still trying to overcome the hardships of 2021.

January 17, 2022

The new year may be a fresh start, but many of us are still trying to overcome the hardships of 2021. With a new wave of the pandemic upon us and cases of Omicron climbing, we aren’t getting the clean slate that the new year typically brings and HR leaders are having to quickly adjust their return-to-work plans.

The past two years have been difficult for everyone as we navigate the ‘new normal’, resulting in our mental health being at an all-time low. Employers are facing challenges to motivate and inspire their teams, especially when leaders are burnt-out themselves.

“We speak a lot about the power of 'why' but we also need to focus on the power of 'how',” explained Dr Melanie Peacock, associate professor of HR at Mount Royal. “It’s important to pause and ask others how they are doing. Checking in with others and showing a genuine interest in their wellbeing is critical. Ask others how their work is going,” she explained. “Do they have the correct resources and supports to do their job? These are not easy conversations and involve courage and vulnerability. This said, when they occur, people understand that others care about them, and this helps to increase motivation and engagement. As well as this, it’s important for organizations to provide assistance to those struggling with mental health issues. The stigma of shame must be removed, and we need to support others at work and those returning to work after dealing with a stress leave.”

In today’s workplace, mental health should no longer be a topic that is approached with any attached stigma. One in seven people experience mental health issues in the workplace, with women almost twice as likely to suffer than men. One in five Canadian employees experience a mental health issue at some point in their working lives – meaning that, at any given time, 500,000 people are off work due to psychological illness. How can your company support your teams and empower them to make mental health a priority this year?

Make 2022 the year that your organization invests in their team, and invests in meaningful mental health solutions. As employers, we need to do better at showing up for our team members who show up for us. CorpCare offers on-demand, direct mental health support at your fingertips, for a healthier team. Invest in your team with care that is accessible, personalized, and makes a difference.